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    "Bruce ~ Thank you for the great resume! I'm finalist for a job that's 10mins from my home...just awaiting PPP list to clear (Think 1 person hit). Take care and God bless,"-Ralph
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SES Resume Writing Service

SES Resume Writing Services

The Senior Executive Service (SES) plays a vital role in ensuring the continuing transformation of government, serving as a liaison between the government and its political agenda and those on the "front lines" who implement it on a daily basis. While SES jobs are highly coveted, they can also be quite difficult to attaindue to the volume of qualified competition, amount of available openings, and challenges of navigating the application and interview process.

In order to give yourself the best chance of landing one of the prestigious and high-earning SES jobs available in your field of interest, it pays to enlist the assistance of the best SES resume writing service help available. You can benefit greatly from choosing to prepare your resume with an experienced SES resume writer at your side. The senior executive writing team at Military Resume Writers possesses the specialized expertise that can make all the difference when creating effective SES resumes that lead to employment.

25 Years of Providing Comprehensive SES Resume Writing Services

Since 1986, Military Resume Writers has operated with the sole purpose of helping transitioning military personnel achieve their goals of successfully finding employment in a meaningful new career path. Our professional SES resume writers have been helping executives prepare for the challenging SES application process by providing expert resume preparation for decades. We specialize in identifying your relevant skills and experiences, and putting them into an SES resume format that effectively makes your application stand out from the crowd.

An essential component of all SES jobs is the possession of strong leadership skills. Our certified writers will help you identify relevant examples of leadership you have displayed throughout your military career, preparing SES resumes and Executive Resumes that are brimming with your various leadership attributes. We can help you become one of the 85% of our SES resume wrting service clients who successfully obtain interviews that lead to job offers.

We Walk You Through the Entire SES Application Process

The SES application process is filled with potential pitfallsThe SES application process is filled with potential pitfalls that can best be avoided by working with an experienced SES resume writer. One slight misstep can derail your candidacy well before it can advance to the hiring stages. Our SES ECQ resume services will not only help you gain the all-important interview, but they’ll also provide you with the guidance and support you need to seize your ideal career opportunity.

In addition to providing effective SES resume writing help, our team of Master Federal Career Advisors can ensure no critical details are overlooked and that all relevant competencies are addressed thoroughly and accurately. It’s this attention to detail that has helped us successfully develop more than 2,500 SES applications, leading to an overall client satisfaction rate of 99.6%.

Our SES Resume Writing Process

  1. To begin the process of landing a position with the Senior Executive Service, submit your current resume to our Master Federal Career Advisors today. Include as much relevant information as you can about the details of your military career, leadership experience, and personal and professional interests and goals.

  2. Upon receipt, we will evaluate your current resume, assess your qualifications for the SES jobs you’re interested in, and advise you as to your prospect and how we can help. We’ll provide an initial consultation that thoroughly explains the advantages of our SES ECQ writing services — free of charge.

  3. Following your complimentary consultation with a professional SES resume writer, we will also provide you with a free quote for our services. There are absolutely no obligations.

Why Choosing Our SES ECQ Writing Services Is the Right Move

Writing your own SES resume can be an uphill battle for any candidate, even those who are extremely qualified and prepared for the position. Our SES resumes are capable of instantly moving your application to the top of the “must-interview” pile.

We’ll save you the time and agony of worrying if you’re following the right SES resume format by making sure you present the most important aspects of your professional qualifications. With our team of experienced SES resume writers working on your behalf, you can approach your career transition with confidence — you’ll know you are doing everything possible to put yourself in a position to succeed.

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Don’t let incomplete or unimpressive SES resumes and applications prevent you from launching a fulfilling career in the Senior Executive Service. Let the premier writing and career management team at help you stand out from a crowded job applicant field.

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