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Senior Executive Service

What’s the Real 411 on SES?

Protocol, Rules, Guidelines, Procedures, and Preference

The Senior Executive Service (SES) represents the most experienced and senior element of the federal government’s career workforce.

For more than two decades, our Senior Executive Writers have been developing successful SES applications for all federal agencies. As an quality oriented organization, we have developed an extremely successful process that takes both our writers and customers through a discovery, organization, consultation, writing, editing, and review process, unlike any you’ve ever been through.

Whom We Work With

We have been very successful in landing our military leaders a coveted SES position. Who better to serve in this type of leadership position than one of our very own? We have written for Lt. Colonels who have held a major command. We have written for Colonels, Brigadier Generals, and Admirals, too, each bringing the executive leadership talent, unique expertise, and vision to take charge and lead one of our nation’s federal agencies forward in the 21st century.

List of Documentation to Submit

Here is a list of documentation you can send that will help your assigned writer develop your Senior Executive Service application. If you don’t have an item, don’t worry—these are not requirements, just items we like to try to obtain to help ensure you get a quality product. If you have already sent in any of these items, there is no need to resend them; they have been made available to your writer.

  1. Your evaluations for your career (OERs and OPRs); we ask for your evaluations because we use your accomplishments in developing your package.
  2. Any awards or commendations you received during your career. We also request any text accompanying medals.
  3. All training you received. This includes your courses.
  4. Information about all degrees/diplomas (high school, college, university, technical schools). Please include transcripts, if available.
  5. Any previous resumes you may have started.
  6. Any jobs announcements or advertisements you have identified. –
  7. Your DD-214, VMET, and/or NGB-22 (if applicable).

Our Partnership

Though we do ask for significant background information, please keep in mind that your writer is also going to need specific examples from you. Our Senior Executive Writers partner with you via telephone and through email to discuss specific qualifications, and stories that follow our Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) model. You will also be sent our proprietary builders to assist you in fleshing out answers for your ECQ (Executive Core Qualification) competencies.

Two Decades of SES Application Writing Experience

We are the “go-to” company for military leaders like you and have two decades of experience perfecting our process. We collaborate with those who are seriously looking to transition into a Senior Executive Service position and are willing to collaborate with us and spend the necessary time involved in developing a solid SES application. We are your coach, ghostwriter, editor, and experts in the total SES application process.

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