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    "I am truly pleased with the service, attention, commitment, dedication, honesty, guidance, and product received from both Anna  and Susan. I've told so many people about my experience, and would recommend anyone desiring to advance or pursue a position within the Federal Government to utilize these services. You've exceed my expectations. You've gone above and beyond. I look forward to working with you again!"-Dana Legette
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Military-to-Federal Resumes

Military-to-Federal Resume Writing Services

Retiring or separating from service in the military can be an exciting time, as long as you take the necessary steps to identify a new career path that will lead to a fulfilling future. Transitioning from a military career to the federal government in a Civil Service position is a natural move for a veteran. The culture is somewhat similar, and there are some valuable benefits that are transferable from the military to federal service. But first, you must develop a compelling military to federal resume that puts you in the position to compete for the open position you desire.

What Makes Federal Resume Writing So Unique?

Federal resumes are completely different from standard military to corporate resumes. They are much longer than corporate resumes; require many additional fields, such as complete dates of training and supervisors’ names and telephone numbers; require specific character counts for each field; and include many other variables. A military transition resume can be one to two pages in length, whereas a federal resume can be up to five pages long.

Building a successful federal resume with military service requires striking a balance that often proves difficult to achieve. Obviously, you have years of experience from your military career that typically includes achievements, character builders and a diverse range of attributes. But what sounds like an impressive list of accomplishments could just be nonsensical military speak to the civilian who receives your military to federal resume. The goal is to not only highlight your achievements, but make them translate beyond your military service into the civilian world.

Not sure how to do that? That’s where we come in.

For more than 25 years, Military Resume Writers has specialized in assisting military veterans successfully navigate the often challenging process of transitioning from the military world to the civilian workforce, including the federal government. Our accomplished resume writers possess the skills, training and expertise necessary to effectively highlight your military achievements and experience in a way that makes federal employers take notice.

We can produce military-to-federal resumes that are free of military jargon and include key information such as responses to KSAs. We’ll also help you prepare a resume that is compatible with USAJOBS, the automated system that replaced Resumix, which is used for resume screening purposes.

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Success Stories

Our clients have successfully landed interviews which led to positions with the Department of Homeland Security, Veteran’s Affairs, Department of Defense and many other government agencies. We have helped ex-military transition to the Senior Executive Service (SES) as well as other high positions in the public sector. You can read more about the exciting careers our clients have gone on to by visiting our testimonials page, or by contacting our team directly. If you’re not sure where to begin your federal job search, one of our Master Federal Career Coaches can help identify the opportunities you are best suited to.

A Strong Commitment to Fulfilling the Job Search Needs of Veterans

Military Resume Writers is a veteran-oriented organization committed to assisting retiring, medically discharged or transitioning military personnel and their spouses in their quest to embark on their new journey in life. Perhaps that’s why we’ve been able to proudly serve more than 55,000 veterans over the years while achieving a satisfaction rate of 99.6 percent. Additionally, 85 percent of our clients are successful in landing job interviews.

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For each federal vacancy announcement, federal hiring authorities can receive anywhere from 300 to 1,000 resumes. What will make yours stand out from the rest? What keywords and core competencies should be embedded throughout your resume? How should your resume be formatted? We have all the answers to these questions and more.

At this critical junction in life, you need the most effective resume service available to get your new career started on the right foot. For resumes that get results, call our Career Coaches today at 800-471-9201 and submit your military career documentation for a Quick Quote and Free Consultation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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