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From Our Clients...

    "Diana, I am happy to report that I am in the middle of a security clearance for Immigration. I had a Federal Investigator visit with me last week, and if everything goes smooth...I may start a new job soon! I am very excited and I don't believe I would have this opportunity without your help!

    Thank you very much,"-Theresa
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Navy Resumes

Separating or Retiring from the Navy? Choose Our Navy Resume Services for a Successful Transition



If you have recently separated or retired from military service, you’ve landed at the right company to help you develop your Navy Resume. For more than two decades, Military Resume Writers has developed thousands of Navy Resumes for those separating or transitioning out of a military career.

Our comprehensive Navy resume services will provide everything you need for a smooth transition into a career path that’s both personally and professionally rewarding.

Your Navy Resume Needs to Speak Civilian Language

Your best chance in landing a civilian job is to ensure your experience, accomplishments, skills, training, and education gained during your Navy tenure are completely demilitarized. You have a very short window of time in which to impress civilian Human Resources.

Our team of award-winning career coaches and Navy resume writers will quickly get to work. They’ll assess your prospects and develop a strategy for capitalizing on the most promising job opportunities. All of our Navy resume writers are multi-certified and capable of helping you successfully apply for lucrative federal government, corporate or defense contractor positions.

Showcase the Value You Bring in Your Navy Resume

Our Master Military Resume Writersknow just how to spin your military language into civilian terminology, and to write your Navy Resume with the future in mind. Instead of simply presenting a list of previous job descriptions, we’ll develop a resume that paints a compelling picture of the unique skills, experiences and leadership abilities that define your qualifications.

Today’s organizations want to know what value you bring, and they want to be able to determine it in 10 seconds or less. We’ll start with listing your security clearance, at the top of your new resume—a clear value for any employer. Next, we’ll work with you to identify your five most important attributes based on the position you’re targeting. This will ensure your best attributes are effectively spotlighted to help you stand out from the crowd. Finally, our premier team will write your Navy Resume in support of your career goals and specialized skills and experience to market your value in the most strategic manner.

Choosing Your Navy Resume to Be Written by the Professionals

Deciding to work with Military Resume Writers to develop a professional Navy Resume could be the most important choice you’ll make after your departure from the Navy. Our complete career management service provides everything you need to transition fast and strategically.

In fact, in a recent monthly survey, 85% of our clients reported landing interviews leading to job offers. Our best Navy resume services often result in candidates receiving higher salary offers due to the experience and value we showcase in your resume.

We’ll Create a Navy Resume That Puts You on the Fast Track to Success

Military Resume Writers provides a comprehensive service including resume writing, career coaching and career training. We use in-house secure servers, systems and databases to equip our writers with the cutting-edge tools and career resources to craft Navy Resumes that quickly land interviews and jobs.

Our experience, success and 99.6% customer satisfaction rate speak for itself. Contact us today to learn more about what our Navy resume writers can do to help you successfully target a meaningful, financially-rewarding career opportunity.

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