ECQ Examples

ECQ Examples from Military Resume Writers

Demonstrating the essential core qualities (ECQ) is an important part of any application to the Senior Executive Service (SES). If you are attempting to transition from a military career to an SES position, simply understanding the requirements is one of the biggest obstacles to success. Fortunately, many of the skills that are inherent in the ECQs are built up over a long career of military leadership — for many, the challenge is in expressing them properly using good examples drawn from their career.

That’s where (MRW) comes in. Our team knows the SES application process inside and out, and we can help you find and articulate ECQ examples that will give you the competitive edge in your job search.Picture of a Member of the Military

The Five ECQs

Successful application to an SES position requires demonstrating through coherent examples the five ECQs outlined by the Office of Personnel Management. These include:

  • Leading change: Leading change involves motivating an organization and helping it meet its goals. Specific examples of this ECQ may include times when you have demonstrated flexibility in the face of changing conditions and strategic thinking that prioritizes the fulfillment of your mandate.
  • Leading people: Your ability to lead people is inherent in how you manage conflict, leverage diversity and build an effective team capable of meeting organizational goals. For this ECQ, focus on examples of how you created a positive work culture among your staff.
  • Results driven: A results-driven leader sets clear goals for their staff and harnesses each individual team member’s skills to work towards a common goal. Examples of this ECQ may include times you’ve used problem solving and entrepreneurship to raise your organization’s profile or meet the needs of external stakeholders.
  • Business acumen: Business acumen refers to your overall ability to manage finances, human resources and technological capital. Any time you’ve successfully led an organization through a period of change or growth makes a good example of this ECQ.
  • Building coalitions: SES recruiters look for candidates with a history of leveraging partnerships and building coalitions both internally and with other agencies, non-profits, foreign governments and external stakeholders. Political savvy, partnership building and negotiating skills are all essential to this ECQ.

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