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    "Eric, Well, the resume you did for me was effective. With absolutely no government or Army experience I have just finished my first year at USAG "-Doug Barnes
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Full Interview Prep

Are You Ready For Your Inteview?

Managers today are moving away from traditional questions during interviews and instead opting for behavior-based interview questions. Instead of flat-out asking you to tell them your biggest weakness and getting a canned answer about being a perfectionist, savvy managers will use behavioral-based interview questions to get you to tell them about a situation that exposes your weaknesses.

Today’s interview candidate should come prepared with behavioral interview answers that demonstrate their best qualities and how they overcame obstacles in the office — or coached an employee during a particularly challenging manager situation.

Rehearsing these behavioral interview questions and answers allows you to be armed with the right anecdotes and the right answers instead of being caught off guard and stumbling through a story that doesn’t show you in the best light.

Full Interview Pre with Audio Recordings

Includes: Mock Interview, Behavioral Based Interviewing and General Interviewing

This two hour full interview prep is for those job candidates who wish to be fully prepared to impress. The first session will be preparation and discussion and the second session will be with a recording. You will receive private access to the session recording that you can listen to online. Listen to your words, answers, voice, and improve your ability to present your best accomplisments and skills. We will conduct two separate one-hour phone conversations with you and provide:

  • A Basic Interview Skills packet, including general practice questions and behavioral-based interview questions
  • Sample position-specific questions, based on a thorough review of your application materials and vacancy announcement, for practice and preparation
  • A telephone mock-interview with audio recording, consisting of 5-8 interview questions
  • Question-by-question critique of the mock interview with feedback, suggestions for improvement, tips on successful interviewing and behavioral interview answers
  • Follow-up discussion and consultation
  • Private access to your session recording, so that you can listen and practice your interviewing skills

Behavior Based Interview Training

We offer several interviewing package options.

For those who feel confident in their behavioral-based interviewing, we have a condensed training session that includes a 10-minute General Interviewing Insights Assessment. The 10-minute program will illuminate any red flags in your communication style that could hamper you in an interview. After the General Interviewing Insights Assessment, you’ll receive one hour of personalized coaching that will help you craft successful behavioral interview answers.

For those who might need some extra help, our behavioral-based interview coaching and practice interviewing sessions will help you hone your skills, master the behavior-based interview questions and answers, and land that job. Again, be aware that these in-depth sessions are a time commitment. Our staff will need at least one week to schedule the necessary appointments to get you ready. Schedule early so you’re ready when your dream job calls!

Be Ready to Impress - Call Us Today is the oldest, largest and fastest-growing company specializing in military transitions. Join the ranks of our 55,000 satisfied customers and schedule your behavior-based interview training today! Our Master Federal Career Coaches have 25 years of experience and a 99.6% customer satisfaction rate.

For a free consultation, call 800-471-9201 or click here to submit a quick quote. A career coach will get back to you with more information on our behavior-based interview training.

Please be aware that we need at least one week to scedule the two separate appointments for this service.


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